Fat reduced cottage cheese with the characteristic creaminess  with Nutrilac whey protein

Cottage cheese

Creamy and convenient – cottage cheese with less fat
Fresh, versatile cottage cheese is a perfect match for today’s nutrition trends. High in protein and low in fat, cottage cheese products are a firm favourite among consumers who value a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Nutrilac® whey proteins take cottage cheese to the next level – reducing fat to an absolute minimum while maintaining a full-bodied creamy texture and taste.

Pure dairy ingredients
Our solutions are suitable for cottage cheese made with a neutral or fermented dressing. A key advantage is that you can produce a highly stable dressing with dairy ingredients alone. 

When used to thicken the dressing – or cream – our solutions are still efficient at a neutral pH of 6.5 to 6.7.

Your final product

  • Stable cottage cheese with a pure dairy label
  • Reduced fat content without losing creaminess or milky taste
  • High protein content for an appealing nutritional profile