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Bakery toppings fresh from the dairy

Busy caterers can’t afford to spend hours on creating beautiful cheesecakes and gateaux. They need a fast way to make cakes that keep their luxury look and taste for hours.

A ready-to-use mix made with whey proteins can help them achieve that.

Using whey ingredients, you can impress the crowds
Trials show that these natural dairy ingredients are a versatile choice for stable, fermented dairy fillings and toppings. With their fresh taste and low-fat content, they give cakes an indulgent feel and a healthier profile – great for food service outlets where speed and stability are key success criteria.

Whey proteins can make a difference on other cooking occasions, too. In a clean-label cooking cream, they keep, for example, fricassee and pasta sauces impressively smooth, with no sign of separation.

Dairy cooking concepts
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve packed these possibilities into a range of dairy concepts for cake topping, cake filling, cooking cream and bake-stable cream cheese.

If your company has an eye for new business areas, you’ll recognise the potential to enter segments within the food service category. Convenient, appealing and relatively healthy, our concepts are designed for today’s food service trends.

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