Natural ingredients for better living

The goodness of dairy

Dairy ingredients enable your innovation

To satisfy complex consumer demands and optimise your dairy production, you need natural, nutritious and versatile solutions.

It’s a demanding world out there for food manufacturers. Consumers are on the lookout for foods with a natural label, benefits for their health and wellbeing, and a great taste and texture. And they keep expecting more.

The good news is that dairy ingredients can satisfy all those demands. Thanks to their natural functionality, you can put them to value-adding use in food applications ranging from infant formula through healthy snacks to smooth and stable sauces.

New categories
Dairy ingredients can also enable you to enter new product categories. If you’re a yoghurt manufacturer, for example, you could use them to produce convenient toppings and fillings for bakery products – all on your existing dairy production line.

As you would expect, the best dairy ingredients start with the very best raw materials. This is one of the reasons why our whey proteins, milk calcium, dry-blend lactose and other specialised dairy ingredients meet the toughest customer specifications for safety and quality.

Get inspired
Could dairy ingredients provide the next innovative opportunity you need? To help you find out, we’ve developed a series of concepts to inspire you.
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* Protein contributes to growth in muscle mass, and calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones.

The concepts