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Whey ingredients – nutrition for life

Within the field of medical nutrition, it is key to provide a diet of a high nutritional value. Medical nutrition products can for instance promote faster patient recovery, shorten hospitalisation or help elderly maintain an active, independent life after acute or chronic disease. For such products, it is key that the ingredients are of high quality and scientifically documented for their positive effect.

This is the reason why whey-based ingredients are increasingly used in foods for special medical purposes. Scientific studies have proven the clinical efficacy of whey-based ingredients in addition to their natural characteristic of delivering high quality nutrients in the form of specific, easily-absorbed proteins.

Whey for life-long health
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we focus on several conditions at various stages through life where our whey proteins can help meet medical requirements.

For those born with the rare inherited genetic disorder PKU, we supply a high-quality protein fraction with a minimal content of phenylalanine, thereby allowing a natural and well tasting alternative to conventional products based exclusively on synthetic free amino acids. PKU patients cannot metabolise phenylalanine, an amino acid found in most normal foods, and will become mentally retarded unless they follow a strict diet based on medical nutrition and low protein foods. 

Whey ingredients can also support the treatment of conditions that may develop  throughout life or due to ageing inflammatory bowel diseasetype 2 diabetes or sarcopenia. Or to help patients to counteract protein malnutrition and speed up recovery from illness.

Better blood sugar control
One of our recent studies has investigated the effect of whey protein on the blood sugar levels of people with type 2 diabetes. the study found that whey protein in a pre-meal shot improved blood sugar control. Follow this link to know more about our latest Pre-meal fibre & protein shot for glucose control concept.


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