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Healthy lifestyles can count on whey

Whey ingredients – nutrition for life

Unhealthy diets and modern sedentary lifestyles are regularly blamed for a range of health conditions that can develop as we progress through life. The good news is that it’s possible to reduce the risks and strengthen health overall through a well-balanced diet and regular exercise – and whey-based ingredients can help.

Derived from milk, whey is a proven source of high-quality proteins, minerals and bioactive components that meet nutritional needs through life. One of the great things is that food manufacturers can easily incorporate these natural ingredients in convenient, tasty foods, giving consumers ready access to the nutrients they need.

Life-long benefits
Scientific research into the nutritional benefits of whey ingredients has produced evidence of their value right from childhood, when they contribute to bone health and cognitive development

During adulthood, whey-based nutrients can support blood sugar control and weight management and, contribute to healthy, on-the-go snacks that meet the needs of everyday active lifestyles.

In later life, clinical studies have shown that whey is a valuable protein source in countering sarcopenia – giving it an important role in diets that aim to keep senior consumers fit, active and independent.

This is something we focus on at Arla Foods Ingredients and want to share with you in the food manufacturing industry.

Pre-meal fiber & whey protein shot for glucose control
Interested in learning more? Then why not check out our pre-meal shot concept with whey protein for improved blood sugar control? In a new clinical study that is currently in submission, scientists found that consumption of 15g of whey protein before a meal had a long-lasting stabilising effect on blood sugar – helping to reduce the blood sugar fluctuations that lead to health problems over time.

The concept