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Make a healthy snack the first choice for kids
Parents want the best for their children. Whey ingredients help provide it.

Healthy snack ingredients
Global statistics on childhood obesity make worrying reading. By 2025, the World Health Organisation estimates that the number of overweight or obese children will have more than doubled since 1990. 

It’s the reason why more and more parents are looking for low-fat, low-sugar snacks with healthy ingredients that are good for their kids and which their kids will enjoy.

Whey ingredients can help provide nutritious snacks for kids and make it easier for them to make healthy choices.

Here at Arla Foods Ingredients we’ve explored how whey proteins can play a role in providing the nutrients kids need in up to three snacks a day. Our nutritional benchmark for each serving is the protein and calcium content of one glass of milk.

Making healthy snacks creamy and satisfying
From our previous work with low-fat foods, we already know that whey protein can simulate the creaminess and texture of fat. Clinical studies have also shown that a high whey protein content can contribute to a longer-lasting sense of fullness after a meal. This underlines the value of whey protein in healthy snacks.

Dairy and bakery concepts
Using this knowledge, we have developed a series of kids snack concepts for the bakery and dairy categories – a snack cake, healthy dessert, yoghurt bar and cheese bar. Each serving is high in whey protein and calcium and low in calories, with no added sugar. All designed for young tastes.