Satisfying snack cake with whey ingredients

Snack Cake

Make a satisfying on-the-go treat with whey ingredients

Single-portion snacks are a growing opportunity across the food industry, says Innova Market Insights – particularly when they’re targeted at busy millennials and single-person households. Not only that, snacks with a protein claim are experiencing double digit annual growth all over the world.

One convenient and indulgent way to fill a quick break is with an innovative snack cake made with Nutrilac® whey protein.

Great results with a multi-functional solution

For manufacturers, Nutrilac® is the functional ingredient that gives snack cakes the stable and homogenous structure that enables perfect filling and easy handling – plus the great freshness, softness and volume that consumers expect with every purchase.

Your final product

  • Nutrilac® is the natural choice for snack cakes with consistent appeal.
  • Improved stability and structure
  • Higher volume
  • Long-lasting softness and fresh feel
  • Uniform quality