High-yield production

In-process sampling transforms raw materials into high-quality products 

Another area where we can reduce our carbon footprint is through wasting as little product as possible. And we’re particularly skilled at this.

Our starting point is to produce at food-grade quality but, if a production run doesn’t quite match the desired product specification then, in 99 percent of cases, it’s still of sufficient quality to be used in other contexts such as animal feed. Repurposing product in this way is generally not possible if you’re a manufacturer of electronic components or automobiles.

Recently, our Danmark Protein plant has introduced in-process sampling to the most resource-intensive lines to enable early discovery and correction when deviations arise.

In-process sampling has already proven to be an important supplement to final product quality control, ensuring more raw materials are transformed into high-quality products. It also complements the out-of-trend (OOT) system, which identifies quality norms for all products based on data from batch quality analyses, and the statistical process control (SPC) system, which monitors production data.

During 2019, Danmark Protein started working with real-time SPC monitoring of key production parameters. SPC enables a faster response to food safety issues, reduces product waste and improves delivery security for customers.