Ability means combining the right people with the right technology and insight


Credibility goes far
Ability means combining the right people with the right technology and insight. We are much more than a whey ingredient business: we are whey and milk powder specialists. In fact, we have contributed almost 500 research papers to the scientific community.

Processing expertise
Our way of working in Research and Development (R&D) is defined in a three-step process called Discover, Develop and Deploy. Through the years, we’ve used this model to develop and implement solid and elegant processes to continuously Discover the Wonders of Whey.

Just as important is having the right tools and equipment to support and control our processes. This is what helps us to achieve fast turnarounds from prototypes to sustainable production set-ups.

We handle numerous advanced product trials simultaneously, investing in and developing state-of-the-art pilot production facilities to explore the best possible processes. This helps us become better at scaling up processes for when you are ready to start production.

Faster to market
We can help your products reach your markets faster because we have world-class facilities and we’ve refined our ability to document our products in detail. We also understand whey functionality and milk powder formulation in every aspect, including how such ingredients and solutions are regulated in most parts of the world. Our dedicated regulatory team knows how to avoid lengthy approval procedures.

Advancing our capabilities
We never stop learning. Building on our knowledge within nutrition, inborn metabolic disorders and performance physiology, we will stretch even further into new research opportunities. This way, we stay open to your needs and pay careful attention to how the world is changing.

Now, therefore, we are focusing more and more on exploring the gut-brain axis, as well as nutritional health solutions for the ageing population and other vulnerable groups. We are also focusing on the ever-changing basis for contributing to cleaner label solutions and new food formats.

Our advanced laboratory and innovation facilities at Danmark Protein have:

  • 2,000 m2 of pilot facilities
  • 58 scientists: 20 with PhDs and all with Masters’
  • 17 laboratory, food and dairy technicians
  • 9 nationalities: Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Iranian, Indian and Lithuanian

We aim to recruit experts from all over the world to stay on top of the latest science and technology developments. It’s how we keep our mission of Discovering the wonders of whey alive.


Our website contains information on different approvals of Kosher. Only products produced at our plant in Denmark have the approval to use these logos, but we are currently working on getting all our plants approved for Kosher. Please ask us for specific information on your product in regards to the Kosher approval.
Our website contains information on different approvals of Halal. Our products certified from different halal agencies depend on location of the production site and the target market. Please ask for the specific information on your products in regards to the Halal approval.