Low-yield labneh cheese is a thing of the past thanks to new dairy protein solution

Press release Published: 31/10/2018

A new whey protein ingredient enables dairies to dramatically increase labneh cheese production yields with no drop-off in quality.

Labneh cheese is a type of soft cream cheese with a yoghurt-like taste that has been enjoyed by consumers in the Middle East for generations. Traditionally, labneh cheese production has been inefficient because only about 30% of the milk used ends up in the finished product, with the remainder entering the waste stream as acid whey.

However, a new Nutrilac® whey protein-based solution developed by Arla Foods Ingredients – set to be launched at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018 – changes all of that. It enables dairies to increase yields to 100% of the milk used while delivering an end-product with the same creamy texture, fresh milky flavour and optimal stability as classic labneh cheese made using traditional methods.

Furthermore, labneh cheese can be produced without the need for expensive ultrafiltration equipment, which is normally required to separate the curd from the whey. It is also possible to make labneh cheese on an existing yoghurt line, which means it is the perfect option for manufacturers seeking to diversify and expand their product range with minimum extra investment.

In trials conducted at Arla Foods Ingredients’ dairy application centre, labneh cheese made with Nutrilac® was found to exhibit the same smooth and spreadable texture as classic labneh cheese produced in the traditional way. Nutrilac® labneh cheese was also shown to outperform labneh cheese made with standard milk protein isolate, scoring better for firmness, mouthfeel, creaminess and taste.

Claus Bukbjerg Anderson, Senior Category Manager, Cheese at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Labneh cheese made with Nutrilac® breaks the low-yield tradition to provide a solution that addresses three key challenges: poor milk utilization, acid whey side-streams and the need for expensive ultrafiltration equipment. It all adds up to a high-yield manufacturing process that delivers an end-product with a classic taste and texture.”

Gulfood Manufacturing takes place in Dubai from 6-8 November 2018. Exhibiting on Stand S2-D6, Arla Foods Ingredients will also showcase a Nutrliac® solution for cutting the cost of manufacturing white cheese, which is a favourite throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Inflation and rising retail prices in countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE – where white cheese is particularly popular – are putting pressure on dairies to keep costs down to affordable levels. To help them achieve this, Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a solution that makes it possible to reduce protein content overall but maintain a consistently excellent creamy texture and dairy taste.

Elsewhere on the Arla Foods Ingredients booth will be an innovative solution – also based on Nutrilac® – that facilitates the production of a creamy, rich Greek yoghurt using 100% of the milk processed with no acid whey by-product. This means it is possible to make Greek yoghurt on an existing standard yoghurt line, with no need for costly separation equipment ­– a real advantage considering that Greek yoghurt is just beginning to make its mark in the Middle Eastern market.

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