Finance & Business Development

Calculate and create in a leading nutrition business

As a finance or business development profile in Arla Foods Ingredients, you’ll join a team of ambitious and highly skilled colleagues. Together, you’ll be creating wonders as you build solid business cases that have a notable impact on our continued growth and our global market success. From developing and executing new strategies to creating profitable joint ventures and partnerships with international food industry giants, you’ll have room to realise ideas and projects – and an experienced and talented team to back you up.

Here, you’ll succeed together with your colleagues as 'One AFI', building on our mission to discover and deliver all the wonders whey can bring to people’s lives. As the market leader, our name is well-known and our science based ingredients are trusted by food industry giants. You can find our ingredients in products from supermarkets to hospitals to health stores all over the world.

We’re building for the future now, and our short ramp-up times means you’ll see tangible results of your efforts fast; from plants and production lines designed from your calculations to expansions into new regions or products based on your strategies. Great challenges and results will come at you fast, as we work wonders for better lives.