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Senior Supply Chain Specialist

Meet Erik Vesløv
Senior Supply Chain Specialist

“I’m a technology nerd who has nearly always worked with dairy production. I’ve been attracted by the professional pride, sense of community and good colleagues since the beginning.”

Although Erik Vesløv is relatively new to the job of senior supply chain specialist, he’s an old hand in the dairy ingredient business. For 14 years, he was site director of Arla Foods Ingredients’ largest whey processing plant, Danmark Protein, which produces some of the world’s most advanced and specialised whey-based ingredients. He began his career at Arla after completing a master’s degree in dairy science and technology in 1990.

“In my time at Danmark Protein, we doubled the production area and the number of employees. As our ingredient range grew more specialised, production became increasingly complex. Today, the amount of technology on the site is overwhelming.”

Making things simpler

One of his first projects in his current role is to define how to cut down on the complexity.

“Today, we need a high level of process control and transparency in our production to meet customer expectations. Optimisation of production processes will make it both easier and more efficient to run, so you don’t have to be a superhero to keep an overview. I hope to contribute to that.”

A growing fascination

During his years at Arla Foods Ingredients, Erik’s fascination with the company and its production has grown. He enjoys working closely with colleagues in research and development, quality and food safety and has always been interested in the commercial value they create.

“When we work closely together, it’s easier to see the purpose in what we are doing in our day-to-day work, and there’s a good spirit when we work on solutions together,” Erik explains.

Home working

These days, Erik finds he has more opportunities to switch between going to the office or working from home, which is a change from when he was site director. That gives more time for the family, garden or an energetic cycle ride – when he often passes the farm of one of Arla’s big milk-producing owners on the way.