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Sales Development Manager

Meet Barbara Jensen
Sales Development Manager

“If you like to be challenged every day, are ready to learn and want to support an innovative, growing and ever-changing business, this is the place to be.”

An international working environment is the best in Barbara Jensen’s opinion. At Arla Foods Ingredients, she has found both that and a workplace with socially responsible roots. This is what really caught her attention, when she saw the job opportunity in 2017.

After many years in the telecommunications business, she has also been surprised and excited by the complex challenges of working in the food industry.

“When I went for the interview, I had an idea that the Arla Foods Ingredients portfolio was fairly simple and straightforward. I completely underestimated the complexity. Since then, I’ve found out that it is about making the most of limited resources to produce a wide range of solutions with many functional and nutritional benefits for markets all over the world.

“And it is not only just the products and solutions that are complex. The colleagues I work with and learn from on a daily basis come from a vast assortment of backgrounds. So it is a really exciting workplace.”

The fact that each ingredient is produced from whey – a by-product of cheese production – appeals to Barbara’s passion for corporate social responsibility. In the past, she has both taught CSR at a business school and published articles on the topic.

Driving growth

Today, her job requires her to be an expert in market trends where Arla Foods Ingredients can play a role. The ambition is to translate market analyses into successful business concepts that drive the company’s growth.

“Most of the projects I work on are about developing solutions for foods that target consumer trends in individual markets – mainly the health and wellness trend.  I also prepare market insights for customer meetings to support a focused approach to their needs,” Barbara says.

Around the world

It’s a job that takes Barbara around the world. China, the USA, South America, France and Spain are among the many places she has visited since joining the company. And that suits her well.

“I really like this travel activity, the opportunity to get first-hand experience of the markets I am working with and being in direct contact with colleagues in international locations. All of it makes me more efficient.”

Perfect flexibility

Every day brings new challenges – and new opportunities to work on them with knowledgeable colleagues. By and large, Barbara is able to manage her own working hours.

“As a German, I’m used to working long hours. The flexibility of this job is perfect. I can enjoy family life, go long walks with my dog, meet friends – and I’m always happy to talk about ‘the wonders of whey’.”