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Industry Marketing Manager

Meet Birgitte Kynde Ravn
Industry Marketing Manager

“There’s great cooperation within the marketing team and across the business – and the application team often come round with new samples to taste. Something is happening all the time.”

Whether you work for an engineering company or a company that produces ingredients for the food industry, there is always scientific knowledge and innovative technology that needs to be translated into digestible marketing language.

Birgitte Kynde Ravn worked for a multinational engineering business before she joined Arla Foods Ingredients in 2018. Although she was able to bring a lot of valuable marketing expertise with her, she was very grateful for the company’s comprehensive intro programme and the many good colleagues who helped her onboard.

“I knew nothing about whey protein when I started, so I was surprised to find out about its fantastic functionalities. And I continue to be amazed about the new things our scientists discover.”

Concepts take teamwork

As industry marketing manager for sports nutrition and health foods, Birgitte drives the development of new marketing concepts that showcase the benefits of whey ingredients.

It’s work that requires close collaboration with the health and performance nutrition business unit and application, science and technology team – not to mention the legal team, which ensures all nutritional claims are in line with international regulations.

The multicultural environment, with many international colleagues, suits Birgitte down to the ground.

The ultimate satisfaction

“The way we work with concepts sets us apart from our competitors. Sometimes I see products on the market that our customers have launched with our ingredients. The ultimate satisfaction is when you recognise wording from one of our concepts. Then I get this “yes – we nailed it” feeling.”

With three small children to raise, she also appreciates the opportunity to work from home occasionally and to leave early when it’s time to pick up the kids. And, she admits, her job has given her something extra to think about when out doing the shopping.

“Now I look at labels and think about how much protein is in our food at home. The whole nutritional aspect has become more interesting.”