Meet Lars Vesterlykkegaard our Marketing communications manager
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Lars Vesterlykkegaard, Marketing communications manager.

There’s a lot to learn when you move into a food ingredient supplier from a completely different line of business. For Lars Vestergaard Nielsen, the first weeks as marketing communications manager at Arla Foods Ingredients were made much easier by the company’s approach to new employees.
“The company is geared towards receiving new colleagues and getting them fully on board. You’re part of the team from day one,” he says.

Job with a global focus
Lars is responsible for organising Arla Foods Ingredients’ participation in global trade fairs, the development of new product concepts and marketing campaigns, and all press contact. On joining the company, he was immediately thrown into the task of preparing for the next round of trade fairs – including one of Europe’s biggest ingredient events, which was just a few months away. One of his focus areas is to ensure maximum gain from trade fair attendance. Another is to consolidate the company’s brand position – which highlights all the reasons why Arla Foods Ingredients stands out from the competition. A Master degree in marketing is a good support.

Professional culture
Before joining the company, Lars worked as project leader within the building supplies industry. Arla Foods Ingredients provided a welcome chance to try something new. 

“I was interested in joining a large international company, having worked primarily within the Danish market. At Arla Foods Ingredients, the whole world is our market. I have found a highly professional culture and the chance to test my skills and abilities at a very high level.”

Lars also has experience from the Danish army, where a three-month stint working with multicultural colleagues in Kosovo has contributed to his international outlook.His current position is equally international. In just one working day, Lars recalls, he has been in touch with colleagues and partners in the UK, USA, Holland, Israel and Germany. 

“It is an incredibly exciting environment to work in. Things move fast around the world, so you always have to be on your toes. There’s no time to rest on your laurels.”