Attractive workplace

Attractive workplace

Niclas Kvernrød, Human Resource Director. Human resources are seen as playing an integrated and natural role in how the company continuously improves its business performance.

Arla Foods Ingredients lays great emphasis on being a good workplace staffed with satisfied, confident employees.

Human resources are seen as playing an integrated and natural role in how the company continuously improves its business performance. 
Niclas Kvernrød, the Arla Foods Ingredients Human Resource Director, was himself attracted to Arla Foods Ingredients because the company regards human resources as a way of thinking rather than simply a business function. He says, “Arla trusts its workforce. From top management downwards, the company is open, flexible and supportive.” As well as helping new hires understand and live up to Arla Foods Ingredients company values, the HR Department also does all it can to build on new employees’ expertise and competencies.”

Transferring knowledge from experienced employees is extremely important, so training and exposure to relevant Arla knowledge sources is planned from the first day at work. 

All Arla Foods Ingredients employees are expected to add value to both customers’ businesses and the company, and are actively encouraged to use their initiative whenever they can. Arla Human Resources is excellent at supporting colleagues by fine-tuning their competencies to meet new challenges within the company. Niclas says, “The level of collaboration we have with our customers mean that our employees must have both self-confidence and an excellent knowledge base in order to be effective sparring partners.”

As working with naturally-based products is Arla Foods Ingredients’ core business, employees need a positive attitude to meeting global environmental responsibilities. Getting closer to nature is definitely a major driver. Niclas comments, “It’s a source of pride in Arla that our employees have the confidence to advise customers on the basis of natural solutions.”

Employee expectations are taken very seriously at Arla. This is reflected in the extremely low numbers of new hires changing jobs within their first year in the company as well as the high level of satisfaction measured in annual employee surveys. As Niclas points out, “We believe that employee satisfaction is reflected in customer satisfaction, and we’re delighted to report that our customers are very happy with us!”