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IFT 2018

We are going to IFT 2018
IFT  - Institute of Food Technologists – takes place in Chicago from the 16-18 July and aims to advance the science of food. Arla Foods Ingredients will take place in the journey as well and from stand #S4034 we will showcase new solutions that go hand in hand with the current US consumer trends.

At stand S4034 we will present 3 new ingredients:

  1. A single whey protein ingredient designed to provide a superior texture for a softer protein bar throughout shelf-life by reducing hardness and improving chewiness. This improve your brand and product perception by both consumers and retailers leading to increased sales.
  2. A 100ml pre-meal fibre and whey protein shot for blood sugar control containing 15g of Lacprodan® whey protein. Results of a recent clinical trial demonstrated that consumption of 15g of whey protein  by people with type 2 diabetes before a meal helped to keep their blood sugar levels within the normal glycaemic range following the meal.
  3. A whey protein designed to replace up to 50% of the eggs in a cake recipe including a better protection against the unpredictability of the global egg market. We will showcase our new calculator helping bakery companies determine how much they could save by using egg replacers in their cake recipes.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.