World-class whey-based ingredients begins with the quality of the raw materials

Raw materials

Raw materials you can TRUST

It all starts with raw materials

Delivering world-class, whey-based ingredients begins with the quality of the raw materials. And because whey is a natural side stream from cheese production, many factors can influence its quality. Anything coming into contact with the cows, farm processing equipment, during transportation, or entering our facilities, poses a potential risk to consumers and our customers’ businesses. Therefore, it takes strict control to safely secure quality and food safety over the entire supply chain, from farm to dairy to processing and packaging.

Whey entering all of our production sites undergoes constantly evolving quality and food safety checks that can provide detailed data going above and beyond customer expectations and industry regulations. Our safety acceptance criteria address microbiology, pH levels and protein profiles, and our food safety checks identify a wide variety of minor components that can be shared with customers whenever needed.

Storage matters

Where and how raw materials are stored is also a crucial aspect of quality and food safety. Storage equipment needs to meet strict hygiene standards and maintain a steady and cool temperature to avoid degradation. If the quality or food safety of the whey has been compromised, we can measure it immediately. Such checks are done along the entire journey for the whey that we source from our suppliers.

Only the best will do

We insist on premium quality, only sourcing whey through supplier contracts and never from on the spot markets. Our products are based on whey sourced from farmer co-operatives – in fact, on the facilities where we have been active for a longer period of time, 90 percent of our suppliers have been with us for over 20 years, enabling us to build strong partnerships based on trust, transparency and dialogue. Any changes to supplier raw material sources, recipes, equipment or production parameters must be approved by our supply chain team – and regular audits ensure strong quality and food safety requirements are kept tightly on track.

We are, however, a growing company, and we occasionally need to onboard new suppliers to keep up with demand. All of our new suppliers are inducted via a comprehensive learning programme that outlines our quality and food safety expectations.