We’re here to discover and deliver all the wonders whey can bring to people’s lives

Mission & vision


“We’re here to discover and deliver all the wonders whey can bring to people’s lives”

Wonderful whey

We’re living in a world of challenges – and opportunities. We live longer and more actively, and we are becoming increasingly conscious of health and personal performance for ourselves and our children. At the same time, the world needs more efficient production processes for food, enabling us to feed a growing population in sustainable ways.

Once simply a waste product, whey holds answers to many of these challenges.

Arla Foods Ingredients discovers and delivers ingredients derived from whey, assisting the food industry to develop and efficiently process more natural, functional and sustainable foods.

“Discovering the Wonders of Whey” expresses our essential purpose. It’s our promise to the world and to our customers that Arla Foods Ingredients can be trusted to work every single day to squeeze better nutrition, greater functionality and higher quality out of whey research, development, production and delivery.


"To become the true global leader in value-added whey while sustaining attractive returns"

Already, Arla Foods Ingredients leads its industry on most counts. But being a “true global leader” is about more than volume, revenue or even quality measurements. We believe real leadership requires the vision and strength to openly and transparently collaborate with other industry players, even food ingredient suppliers we compete with. We strive to become the preferred place to work with and to work for, attracting the most talented people and research partners in the industry. And we invest heavily in innovation, quality and capacity to guarantee powerful partnerships.