Research & Development

Discover and collaborate from science to nutrition

As an R&D profile in Arla Foods Ingredients you’ll help us discover and deliver all the wonders of whey. Specialising in food and dairy science and technology, you and your colleagues will be collaborating closely on research-based product innovation, finding new properties and applications for protein and lactose, and developing new processes to produce them.

Right now, we are building a brand-new Innovation Center in Nr. Vium, situated in the beautiful countryside an hours’ drive from our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city. Here, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories. The Innovation Center is next door to our main whey-processing plant, and close to our largest lactose plant. In fact, you’ll have our entire product and value chain close at hand.

Like a true industry leader, we share knowledge and collaborate closely with customers, suppliers and universities, ensuring we don’t just work wonders for ourselves but for everyone. Together, we’ll find the ingredients for a life- improving future, helping people live the lives they want and staying stronger and healthier for longer.

Working in Arla Foods Ingredients R&D, you’ll fuel your success with colleagues who care and have extensive knowledge of whey protein aggregation, lactose crystallization and several areas of dairy technology. You’ll also meet more and more colleagues with pharma and biotech backgrounds working with our scientifically documented ingredients for infant and medical nutrition, as well as supply chain and product development specialists.