Deliver better nutrition with colleagues who care

As an employee in Arla Foods Ingredients, you’ll fuel your success with colleagues who care, as you learn new skills and take on new tasks and responsibilities. Your colleagues and managers are friendly and dedicated, and together we deliver nutrition products for better lives. We work in teams where every idea you have to make our processes, jobs and company better is welcome.

Maintaining and improving our main production facilities in Nr. Vium and Videbaek in Denmark, you’ll work at the beating heart of our company. The plants are among the most modern in the world, they’re worth billions and they lie close to each other in the beautiful countryside, just an hour’s drive from our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city.

Here, you and your colleagues operate and maintain the processing facilities we use to deliver all the wonders whey can bring to people’s lives. Creating wonders every day, you’ll help produce ingredients that nurture babies and patients in hospital, improve athlete’s performance and help all of us to combat lifestyle diseases and eat more nutritious food.