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Senior Sales Manager Food

Meet Steen Telsing
Senior sales manager

“What inspires me is to create the growth we need year after year by developing sales with customers.”

Steen Telsing never planned to have a career in sales. When he left school, he trained to be a chef and then spent several years working for small, high-quality restaurants. For a while, he was a barista in Italy.

It was some time later that he decided to leave that life behind, became a sales rep for a food company and, eventually, took a bachelor’s degree in marketing management. That was when he got a taste for working with the business-to-business (B2B) sector.  Arla and especially Arla Foods Ingredients caught his eye.

Cooperative philosophy
“All the time I worked as a chef, I always liked Arla and the cooperative philosophy behind it. It’s a world I understand, as I come from a family of farmers".

“So I was really pleased when I was offered a job at Arla as a manager working with food service, which is really a mix of B2B and business-to-consumer sales. After some years, I decided I’d like to get back into B2B sales only and joined Arla Foods Ingredients in 2016.”

Global sales
In his role as senior sales manager, Steen heads up global sales for Arla Foods Ingredients’ food business unit, where the dairy and bakery industry are the primary focus. It’s a job that brings him in daily contact with the application, science and technology teams.

“I really like the close cooperation – also at global level. It’s fantastic that we both have standard products to sell all over the world and longer-term projects where we use our functional proteins and compounds to satisfy a customer need, whether delivering a solution that provides a specific structure or viscosity or replaces fat, eggs or another ingredient,” Steen says.

Time to relax
International travel is all part of the job. But Steen still has plenty of time to walk the dog, enjoy the garden and go for a run with the neighbour. And he hasn’t forgotten his first passion.

“I still enjoy making food. It’s always me who does the cooking when I’m home.”