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Sales Development Manager

Meet Zhiyuan Will Tang
Sales development manager

“Interaction with customers is my source of inspiration. Working at Arla Foods Ingredients gives me space to grow.”

It was a desire to see more of the world that brought Zhiyuan Tang – Will to his colleagues – first to Aarhus University to take a master degree in biosystem engineering and, after another international job, to Arla Foods Ingredients in 2017.

“I had heard of Arla Foods Ingredients and had the impression of a scientific, innovation-oriented company with an international setup,” says Will who comes from China.

He also looked forward to expanding his knowledge of the ingredient industry – an industry he was already passionate about.

Finding the sweet spot
As sales development manager responsible for pediatric nutrition in Asia and Oceania, Will has a lot of ground to cover. From helping a customer upgrade its best-selling infant formula to investigating long-term opportunities for Arla Foods Ingredients’ upcoming products, his days are filled with a wide variety of projects in collaboration with customers and colleagues.

Every time he identifies new market potential, it’s his job to find a sweet spot for Arla Foods Ingredients’ solutions and convert that potential to sales.

“I enjoy working as a trusted consultant to customers, uncovering their many needs and supporting their product innovation. My ambition is to become the nutrition industry expert on how functional dairy proteins interact with human health and to leverage that expertise to create key value for our customers, which I think is cool.”

A steep learning curve
Will can still remember how much he had to learn when he joined the company – and how many questions he had to ask. Just as they were then, his colleagues are still always friendly and supportive. Some of them are also helping him to improve his Danish language skills.

“I definitely made the correct choice by coming here. Our innovation is linked to market demands and trends, and, on the commercial side, we have a strong team of talented colleagues. I feel empowered by the many interesting tasks that make up my job.”

It’s a few years since Will first moved to Denmark. Now he lives in Aarhus with his wife and two young children, and it really feels like home.