Talking Point Issue 51

Research proves the benefits of whey

Safe, high quality ingredients are even more valuable to our customers when accompanied by documentation of their nutritional and functional benefits. Indeed, claims related to specific food benefits must be approved by the relevant authorities. This is why we have a strong focus on continuous research at Arla Foods Ingredients, often in cooperation with external partners.
Some of our research also looks at how our ingredients perform. A current PhD project, for example, is exploring the mechanisms that cause food powders to cake together in lumps, making them difficult to use on production lines. We expect the results will enable us to predict caking tendencies in our own lactose powder and, ultimately, lift its free-flowing quality another notch.
Over the past few months, we have launched a series of concepts that draw on our scientifically documented proteins and milk minerals. Our ‘Change your body age’ concept is among them and targets the growing number of fit and active senior consumers who could benefit from a protein and calcium-enriched diet.
This and other trends within sports, medical and infant nutrition are behind the rapid sales growth that many of our customers are experiencing. That means they not only need proven ingredients. They also need them in sufficient volumes. Our new hydrolysate plant, opened this spring, is our most recent investment in meeting that need.
As usual, you can find the latest news about our research, concepts, investments and other activities in our online newsletter Talking Point. These are fast-paced times, so there’s a lot going on. If you have any questions or are interested in hearing more, please do get in touch.

Henrik H Andersen