Talking Point Issue 50

At Arla Foods Ingredients, our primary reason for being is to make the best possible use of our whey raw material. By that we mean optimising the value we offer our customers while striving to use each and every component in whey. 

Both of these dimension are central to our Maximum Yield campaign, which you can read about in this edition of Talking Point and on our website. Our goal is to raise awareness of how our ingredients and process knowledge can create added value in food production and ensure the efficient use of resources.

Maximum Yield highlights one of the great forces behind all our work – the force that drives us towards ever better quality. In this case, it is our high quality innovation that gives customers a competitive advantage.

Two new studies have recently confirmed the value of whey as a source of high quality nutrition for malnourished children. Published in respected international journals, the study’s findings remind us that whey can play an important role in affordable food for low-income populations.
This is an area we will continue to explore. We have already taken a new step with our own study of low-income consumers in Bangladesh. This study has provided us with a model for investigating the need for affordable food solutions on additional markets. You can read more about it below.

Henrik H. Andersen