Talking Point Issue 49

The nutritional benefits are in the documentation. At Arla Foods Ingredients, we don’t just develop ingredient solutions to meet the latest health trends. We document their nutritional benefits, so our customers can launch innovative products that target specific needs

In recent months, we have introduced a range of concepts to support trends within weight management, healthy snacking and maternal nutrition. At Food Ingredients Europe 2015 in December, our LowCal yoghurt concept won the Best Dairy Innovation award – an acknowledgement of the opportunities it gives manufacturers to produce great tasting, low-calorie yoghurts with an authorised nutrition claim on the label.

The research part of our R&D work continues to uncover new, unexplored potential for developing ingredients with a proven positive effect on health. To this end, we frequently cooperate with leading universities and other research institutions.

In this issue of Talking Point, you can read about our latest concepts and contribution to the formulation of a new global Codex standard for whey permeate powder. Once the Codex is implemented, we expect many more markets to recognise whey permeate as a useful and inexpensive source of milk solids in food.

On behalf of all of us at Arla Foods Ingredients, I wish you a very happy new year. We look forward to working with you in 2016.

Henrik Andersen