Talking Point Issue 46

Partnerships for development. Cooperation with external partners is a daily priority for us at Arla Foods Ingredients. Without it, our strategic goals would remain out of reach.

Over the past few years, we have focused on strengthening our collaboration with key university research partners. At the same time, new partners are taking us into previously unexplored areas of business.

One of them is the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). In 2014, we joined several other international businesses in co-founding the GAIN Nordic Partnership. The purpose is to provide low-income families with essential nutrition by bringing affordable, locally produced foods to market. In the first instance, the focus is the dairy value chain in Ethiopia.

The project has a glow of CSR about it. However, what is most important is that GAIN Nordic initiatives create value for all partners. The business viability of such projects is the only way to ensure their sustainability in the long term.

You can read more about the GAIN Nordic Partnership – plus another new partnership with ice cream experts Tharp & Young – in this issue of Talking Point.

Wishing you a wonderful Spring!

Henrik Andersen