Talking Point Issue 42

New product developments, trend concepts and investments in our production and application facilities create a regular flow of news that we want to share here and now. This is why we have decided to change the way we communicate through our online magazine, Talking Point.

Instead of gathering our news in a single quarterly publication as we have done, from now on the latest updates about our activities will appear on our website much more often – in fact, as soon as we are able to tell you about them. We will still publish Talking Point, but now as a review of articles already published over the previous few months.

This issue is the first in that format, providing you with an overview of Arla Foods Ingredients’ news during the past quarter – and highlighting that we are as active as ever. Since the start of the year, another new concept has reconfirmed the endless opportunities to overcome food processing challenges through the use of functional milk proteins. Nutrilac® FastRipe leads the way to faster ripening times for natural cheeses, saving on production costs without compromising the distinctive quality of each cheese type.

A recent research study has also provided new evidence that our milk-derived ingredient Lacprodan® OPN-10 can play a role in closing the nutritional gap between infant formula and breast milk. The findings were presented at the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition & Growth, which members of our paediatric nutrition team attended.

We hope you enjoy our new Talking Point format. To receive our regular new updates directly in your mailbox, you are welcome to sign up online.

Henrik Andersen