Talking Point Issue 36

Your expectations are our priority In this issue of Talking Point, you can read about our functional milk proteins for low-salt processed cheese, which enable manufacturers to address the health issues linked with excessive salt consumption.You can also learn about our participation in the first virtual conference for the bakery industry and the annual scientific meeting of ESPGHAN – all here in Talking Point.

Our primary objective at Arla Foods Ingredients is to continue meeting the expectations of our customers. That requires us to stay on our toes, identifying and implementing the right initiatives as customer expectations develop and change.

Responses to our 2011 customer satisfaction survey showed we are on the right track. The quality of our people, products and processes all gained high scores. In 2012, we will continue to implement initiatives to improve our performance further. These include the current major investments to expand our production capacity. One of the areas where we experience particular demand growth is within our range of nutritional ingredients. In response to this, our plant investments will increase the availability of our special proteins alpha-lactalbumin and caseinoglycomacropeptide.

Health remains an important driver of our business with the mainstream food industry.

We hope you enjoy the read.