Talking point Issue 32

The strongest team in whey Arla Foods Ingredients is now operating as an independent company

Arla Foods Ingredients is now operating as an independent company, 100% owned by Arla Foods. The idea behind this move is to create an entity with a clear management focus: to build the strongest company in the world of whey processing. Today we already have a strong team to serve our global customers. Our intention is to make it even stronger. Our ambitious growth plan calls for a significant increase in volume and value. We are making progress. Recently we formed a joint venture with DMK that will increase our global supply by 15%.

Several more initiatives are in the pipeline.
One clear advantage of growth will be the ability to support continued investment in innovation. Our efforts have already produced valuable outcomes in the form of specialised nutritional and functional proteins, such as Lacprodan® OPN-10 and Lacprodan® ALPHA-10.

We look forward to serving you. As our customer, you can expect dedicated service and innovative solutions from the strongest team in the whey processing industry