Culinary and meat

Great ready meals are creamy, tasty and stable. So, if oil separates from the soup or sauce, there is a good chance that consumers will choose another brand next time they buy.

Using our Nutrilac® solution, you can eliminate the risk of consumer disappointment. Our goal is to help you produce ready meals with the right look, taste and creaminess right up to the use-by date.

Another important benefit is that Nutrilac® functions as a natural emulsifier, texturiser and stabiliser. That means it can actually replace other ingredients in the recipe, cutting your overall costs. The fat content can also be reduced without compromising taste and creaminess overall. 

Nutrilac® supports your goal to produce high quality ready meals for demanding con-sumers – with the option of a healthier profile.

Delivering a consistent taste, texture and quality from batch to batch can be a difficult challenge in the meat industry. But, if your products vary on any of these parameters, consumers will soon notice.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed a natural Nutrilac® solution to help you deliver high quality products every time. Delivering optimal emulsification and water-binding properties, our functional protein improves both taste and texture and the yield of your products.

The result is better products – and often at lower cost.

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