Nutritional ingredients


Caseinoglycomacropeptide (CGMP) is the subject of much scientific research due to the benefits it brings special needs diets, infant nutrition and oral hygiene products. Studies of its ability to support a healthy gut microflora point to great potential as a prebiotic.

Clinical nutrition
The extremely low level of phenylalanine in Lacprodan® CGMP-20 makes it an outstanding protein source for people with phenylketonuria (PKU). Our CGMP facilitates the production of conventional food products, such as protein bars and desserts.

Due to its low content of aromatic amino acids, CGMP is also a suitable dietary supplement for patients with hepatic diseases. 

Functional foods
An anti-cariogen, CGMP is ideal for oral hygiene products.  Studies indicate that the ability to increase hormone secretion makes CGMP ideally suited to appetite regulation products.

Infant nutrition
Our Lacprodan® CGMP-10 is a rich source of protein-bound sialic acid, an essential nutrient for infant brain development and cognition. In infant formula, it is a natural substitute for the sialic acid present in human milk.


Scientific evidence of the importance of sialic acid continues to grow, including a positive influence on gut and immune health. This can be attributed to the nutrient’s prebiotic effect and decoy function, which promotes a beneficial microflora and helps reduce bacterial infections.