Nutritional ingredients

Casein phosphopeptide

Casein phosphopeptide (CPP) is proven to enhance mineral absorption from food and beverage products, improving consumers’ overall uptake of important minerals such as calcium.

A bioactive peptide produced during casein digestion, CPP acts by forming a complex with soluble calcium. This means more calcium is maintained in the small intestine, facilitating absorption.

Functional foods
When tested, CPP addition with a calcium supplement resulted in significantly increased calcium absorption. Research suggests that CPP acts in a similar way with other minerals, such as zinc. 
Studies have also shown that CPP is able to improve oral hygiene.

Our CPP products are marketed under the Lacprodan® brand and can be used in association with our calcium-rich milk mineral product Capolac®.

Bioactive peptides are also available in the form of casein hydrolysates.