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Whey is a well-recognised source of natural nutrition. At Arla Foods Ingredients, our proactive research work contributes to the discovery and commercialisation of bioactive whey components which play an important role in human health.

Our nutritional ingredients are extensively documented and tested by international research institutes.

We have the market understanding and know-how to deliver documented, ready-to-use products or tailored solutions that respond to the growing consumer demand for healthier food choices.

With our application support, you can develop foods that accommodate both the dietary needs of individual consumer groups – and match the needs of your business.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we use advanced filtration and separation techniques to extract key proteins from milk whey. These are the building blocks for our functional milk proteins.

Through our extensive tests and analyses, we have mapped the functional characteristics of each protein. Many years of experience have also taught us how two or more proteins interact – and how we can use them, individually or in combination, to achieve a certain effect in food and beverages.

All our functional milk protein solutions are application-specific.

Because all our functional milk proteins are drawn from pure milk, they contribute to the cleaner product labels that consumers increasingly expect.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we are experts in adapting high quality permeate and lactose products to the diverse needs of individual markets and customers. Our permeate products have a lactose content ranging from 83% to a premium 96%. Our lactose products have a purity of 99%.

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