Soft cheese

Take out the fat, keep in the creaminess

The time has come to grow your sales of low-fat soft cheese

When asked about their food choices, 65% of consumers say they try to avoid eating high-fat foods. But, if low-fat alternatives are about as exciting as chewing rubber, they will probably still buy the original.

That’s the reason why there are very few low-fat soft cheeses on the market. The impact of fat reduction on sensory appeal is usually beyond what most consumers will accept.

Just imagine the opportunities to grow your sales if you could turn that situation around.

50% less fat
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed a tailored whey protein to help you. By simply adding it to the cheese milk, you can replace up to 50% of the fat in Brie and Camembert and keep the creamy texture and taste that consumers expect.

20% more yield
The protein also has a strong water-binding capacity, so you can increase your cheese yield by up to 20%.

It’s your chance to produce low-fat cheese like it’s never tasted before – and more of it with every batch.

You can also use our solution to raise the quality of low-fat yellow cheese, fresh cheese, pasta filata and feta cheese.

What are you waiting for?