Maximum Yield

Making milk go further

Higher yields are the future for responsible dairies. Consumers demand more sustainable foods with a firm grip on quality.

One of today’s big questions is about how to feed a global population that is both growing in size and in expectation with regard to food quality.

The answer has got a lot to do with reducing food waste and optimising our use of the limited resources at our disposal from beginning to end of the supply chain.

As a dairy manufacturer, one way you can contribute is by making the most of the milk in your production.

Top ten consumer trend
A glance at some of the latest market research shows that a growing number of consumers are demanding healthier, more sustainable foods. According to Euromonitor International, greener food is among the top ten consumer trends for 2016.

But it’s also clear that consumers are unwilling to buy sustainable foods that are poor in quality.

A package of opportunities
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have worked on a package of whey-based solutions to help you use 100% of the milk, improve your production yield and deliver appealing, high quality dairy products.

The possibilities span over low-fat cheese, cream cheese, Greek-style yoghurt, fermented dairy beverages and local dairy specialities.

Take a look at our ideas. Our goal is to help you expand your range and grow your business responsibly.


Consumers demand more sustainable foods with a firm grip on quality

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