Talking Point Issue 52

Customer dialogue sets our direction

Times are busy, and that’s when we are most likely to compromise on good nutrition and opt for a convenient and tasty ‘filler’.  However, today’s market research points in one direction – towards the growing number of consumers who seek convenient snacks that offer a health benefit as well as a good taste.

Here at Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed a series of concepts in response to the healthy snacking trend.

In this issue of Talking Point, you can catch up with our concept for high-protein, ready-to-drink beverages, which solves the challenges related to high whey protein addition on a UHT processing line. For coffee shops, we’ve launched an idea for a whey protein iced coffee.

Good nutrition during childhood is as important as ever. That’s where our recipes for protein- and calcium-enriched snacks can replace some of the empty calories in kids’ diets with healthy ones.

In all our development work, we listen to our customers. The latest improvements to our dry-blend lactose production also reflect that. Our production quality targets, for example, are set in close dialogue with key accounts in the infant formula industry.

I hope you enjoy reading about our recent activities and focus areas. It’s a pleasure for us to share them with you.

On behalf of everyone here at Arla Foods Ingredients, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Henrik H Andersen